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Probate Fees

For Probate matters we charge both fixed fees and an hourly rate option dependent upon the client’s needs.

We have set out below some information as to our costs which are for guidance purposes only. For a detailed quote we would be happy to discuss the matter free of charge in person or over the telephone with you.

• To obtain a Grant of Probate only (an estate with no inheritance tax ) – £695.00 plus VAT
• To obtain a Grant of Probate only (an estate with inheritance tax) – £995.00 to £1,500 plus VAT
• To obtain the Grant of Probate and Administer the estate – £225.00 per hour for attendance, perusal and preparation of paperwork and telephone calls; £22.50 per item for each outgoing item of correspondence, whether letter or email and £11.25 per item for each incoming item of correspondence, whether letter or email; ½ % of the value of the deceased’s residence and 1% of the gross value of the rest of the estate, all of these charges will also incur VAT.

Please note that there will be other items known as disbursements which are sums paid out to third parties during the transaction. An example of the disbursements applicable to a probate matter can be summarised as follows:-

• Court Fee to obtain the Grant of Probate – currently £273.00 plus an extra fee of £1.50 for every additional copy 
• HM Land Charges Register Search Fee in the Bankruptcy Department – £2.00 per person

Key Stages

1. Taking instructions from the Personal Representative and obtaining full details of the deceased assets and their value.
2. Preparing the papers to obtain a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration.
3. Having the Personal Representative approve the papers and signing the same and submitting them to the Probate Registry.
4. Upon receipt of the Grant, forwarding the same to the Personal Representative/or registering the Grant with the various institutions, obtaining the monies due to the Estate and distributing the same.

Will Fees

For a detailed quote we would prefer to speak to you in person or over the telephone for a half hour free of charge appointment to ascertain your requirements. An indication of some of our charges are set out below.

Standard Single Will £195 plus VAT
Standard Mirror Wills £295 plus VAT
Codicil £95.00 plus VAT

Please be advised that more complex Wills would attract a higher fee.

Power of Attorneys

Single £500.00 plus VAT
Double £750.00 plus VAT
Court fees will apply when registering a Power of Attorney and will be assessed on an individual basis but will be a maximum of £82.00 for each donor.
The above relates to Powers of Attorney either for financial matters or health and welfare matters. If both are required, our fees would increase to £750 per VAT for a single donor and £1,100.00 plus VAT for two donors.


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